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R&D November-December Newsletter



As we prepare for the end of 2022, I would like to reflect on some of the research highlights of fiscal year 2022. Carilion Clinic launched 21 new clinical trials bringing our total portfolio to 117. Our clinical trial revenue has trended upward year over year since 2016 with net positive margins to reinvest into our internal research endeavors. More importantly, 195 participants were enrolled in these trials exploring new therapies and devices to treat multiple diseases. In some cases, our Carilion Clinic physicians were the lead national Principal Investigator and/or the top enroller in the nation. This is a testament to the quality of healthcare and the expertise of our researchers. In addition to clinical trial research with industry partners, we continue to grow extramural funding of research by securing grants at the federal, state, and foundation level. Our internal research funding program, Research Acceleration Program, continues to grow in both the quality and number of submissions. In fiscal year 22, twenty-one applications (21) were submitted from 13 clinical sections with 10 receiving funding.  Other highlights include hiring additional clinical research coordinators to support our emerging Oncology research programs. Our laboratory at CRCH continues to grow in scope with utilization by VTCSOM medical students, Ph.D. candidates from Virginia Tech, undergraduates from Radford University Carilion, and Infectious Diseases physicians pursuing basic science research. In closing, wishing all a safe and joyous holiday season.

Francis X. Farrell, PhD

Senior Director, Research and Development

Meredith-Talmadge_20221027_IMG_2275_0001 (1)


Meredith Talmadge, RHIT, CIP has been appointed as the new Director of the Carilion Clinic Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) after a regional and national search. Meredith had previously served in her role for 15 years as the IRB Regulatory Affairs Administrator for full board reviews of investigator-initiated projects involving human subjects. Ms. Talmadge has prior experience with Health Information Management at Carilion Clinic, and as a research coordinator in Norfolk, VA. 

Interested in joining the HRPO? Here is an opportunity:  https://jobs.carilionclinic.org//job-invite/137588/

Carilion Clinic TriNetX Virtual Training Schedule

Carilion offers instructor-led, focused training for an in-depth, step-by-step learning experience building patient cohorts and delving into Analytics. The facilitator will be Dee Myers. Please get in touch with HART@carilionclinic.org with the subject of 'TriNetX Training' for training outside of the scheduled sessions. If you haven’t taken a class or need a refresher, this is your opportunity to do so!  Let Dee Myers know which date you prefer and she will send a meeting invitation.

  • Dec 14 from 9:30 – 11:30am
  • Jan 11 from 1:30-3pm
  • Jan 25 from 10-11:30am
  • Feb 8 from 10-11:30am
  • Feb 22 from 1:30-3pm
  • Mar 7 from 10-11:30am
  • Mar 23 from 1:30-3pm

Research and Ethics Training

Trish Winter, Ph.D., Carilion's Human Subjects Research and Ethics Education Manager, is offering research and ethics training education upon request. Please contact her at pjwinter@carilionclinic.org for training or virtual office hours, held once a month.


Clinical Research Education Series

Introduction to LEAN

December 2, 2022 via Zoom (10-11am)

Pre-registration is required:

Meeting ID: 979 4766 0591
Passcode: 975972
*This session will be recorded.

Course Description: This session will introduce clinical research (CR) professionals to LEAN methodology.  Attendees will review the evolution of LEAN processes and explore real world examples of how to assess, plan, and implement an improvement project.

Target Audience: Clinical Research professionals, Nurses, Physicians
Desired Outcomes: 
At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Review and describe how LEAN was developed.
  • Describe LEAN terminology and methodology.
  • Describe the steps in developing a LEAN project and review examples.

Provided by the University of Virginia School of Medicine and School of Nursing

iTHRIV Hub Research Capacity Core Year 5 Goals

We will focus on improving diversity/representativeness of subjects in clinical trials by…

  • Work with Research Directors and Chairs to operationalize the statement made by UVA’s Dean Kibbe.
    • Liaison with research leaders (who will then work directly with the researchers to acknowledge the necessity of representativeness in research
    • Provide expert (via a C-RAC committee) advice, knowledge, resources to facilitate the path to representativeness
    • Continue to add resources, to facilitate including under-invited and under-represented population in research
    • Make success of representativeness in research projects a part of yearly reviews (and/or other means of accountability)
  • Continue the Resource Enhancing Recruitment Program
    • Evaluate the impact and utilization of the program to date

UVA SOM Dean Kibbe’s Statement on Representativeness in Clinical Trials:


iTHRIV Updates:

Upcoming Workshops and general information: https://portal.ithriv.org/#/home

Newsletter link: https://www.ithriv.org/news-letter

New Employees

Clinical Research Assistants

Parker Chenault

Parker is a Clinical Research Assistant/Medical Scribe for Orthopaedics at ION who joined us in May. He attended the University of Virginia, earning a BA in Biology. While in Charlottesville, he earned EMT and Phlebotomy Technician certifications. He has served as a Senior Intern providing performance training, including the development of strength and conditional programs and conducting nutrition education. He has extensive observations of diagnostics, surgical procedures, and physical therapy.

Sam Reed

Sam joined R&D supporting Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine in June. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from Christopher Newport University. There, he was active in leadership. His research, including as a Student Researcher and under a Research Apprenticeship, focused on hormones and behaviors. His continued experience as a Pharmacy Technician provides insight into the pharmaceutical business and customer service.

 Courtney Glover

Starting in September, Courtney joined the Emergency Medicine team. She received her BA in Foreign Affairs. She gained experience in healthcare working for a veterinary practice as a receptionist and assistant. Working for UVA Health, she gained experience in specimen processing and administrative functions. She has a strong history in customer relations and engagement with patients and families.

 Sydney Nelson

Sydney came to the Emergency Medicine team in September as a Blue Ridge Fellow. The Blue Ridge Fellows Program is a program designed for new college graduates with a focus on leadership development. She received her BS from the University of Florida in Psychology, Behavioral, and Cognitive Neuroscience and a BA in Spanish. There, she was able to conduct research involving language and cognitive development.

 Bridget Mason

Bridget earned a BS in Public Health from Shenandoah University. She is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree from George Washington University. She started with the Emergency Medicine team in October. She has research experience and continued interest in fall management, especially in the elderly. She brings to the team experience with caregiving, customer service, pharmacy operations, and liaising with medical insurance.

 Cameron Jones

Cameron started with us in November. He is supporting the Aortic Center. Cameron received a BS degree in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University where he engaged in a variety of undergraduate research opportunities. It was there he developed an interest in cardiovascular medicine. He has experience delivering direct patient care and has earned his Patient Care Technician Certification.