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    A special shout out to Carilion New River Valley Medical Center's Eric Farmer. He not only stayed late to help out a co-worker, but he also helped her jump start her car. Thank you Eric for the compassion you show to your co-workers!

  • Could Mowing Your Lawn Lead to Hearing Loss?

    Fall is upon us and many of use our mowers to mulch leaves. Could this chore come at a cost to our hearing? Karen McNew finds out if you need ear protection in this week's #FactCheckFriday.

  • What Not to Say to Someone with Depression

    Depression is one of the most common mental disorders among adults, so there is a good chance that someone you care about is depressed. We all want to be there for our friend or loved one but it can be a tricky subject. Use these tips to help you navigate a conversation with a loved one you’re concerned about.

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