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  • To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

    True or false: you should stretch before running. Karen McNew has the answer in this week's #FactCheckFriday:

  • Timeline Photos

    This week we recognize Nick Cdebaca, R.N., whose quick thinking and perseverance saved a life of a man who collapsed on the Virginia Creeper Trail. Nick and fellow CRMH ED nurse Michelle Lawrence (pictured) were cycling on the trail when they encountered the unresponsive man. His friend believed he had suffered a stroke and, with no cell service available, left to call 911. Nick then commenced giving rescue breaths to the man for more than 45 minutes until help arrived. The man had a medication list that indicated he had diabetes, so Nick and Michelle found kids who had candy that they were able to dissolve in his mouth. Thank you, Nick and Michelle, for your resourcefulness and dedication!

  • Relief for Restless Legs

    These facts & tips can help if restless legs are keeping you (and your partner) up at night.

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