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  • Could An Overuse Injury Put Your Child on the Sideline?

    Could an overuse injury put your child on the sideline? Dr. Zielinksi, a Carilion pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, shares tips on how to find the right balance between kids and sports. And don't miss Dr. Zielinski's seminar on Oct. 12 to learn more about keeping kids injury free. Details in the link.

  • WOW: 5 Habits to Stay Healthy

    In this week's #WorkoutWednesday, Patrick Dunham of Carilion Wellness shares 5 daily habits that keep him fit and healthy all 365 days of the year. What do you do on a daily basis to stay healthy?

  • FLU AND COLD: Staying healthy at school

    Did you catch Carilion Children's pediatrician Dr. Moore on WFXR News? Watch now for tips on keeping your kids healthy and out of the doctor's office as we head into cold and flu season. Can you guess what the #1 tip is?

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