09:59 AM

Experts Answer Your COVID-19 Vaccine Questions


Carilion Clinic Chair of Medicine, Dr. Paul Skolnik, sat down to answer your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. This guidance is constantly evolving. We will work to update it regularly, but be sure to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for realtime information. This most recent video update (Part 2) is from Dec. 15, 2020.

Dec. 15, 2020 Part 2 Video

To help you navigate the video, here are the questions and when they're asked:

  1. Any updates on when Carilion plans to get the vaccine?
  2. How does Carilion determine which employees receive the vaccine first? (0:31)
  3. What is the current guidance on Pfizer vaccine administration? (1:11)
  4. If I’m not able to take the second dose at the right time, will I need to take the first dose again? (1:32)
  5. Should I take the vaccine if I’ve had COVID-19 already? (2:18)
  6. If I have a known, current COVID-19 infection, or have been exposed to COVID‑19, when should I get the vaccine? (3:22)
  7. Can the COVID-19 vaccine be given with other vaccines such as the influenza vaccine? (4:06)
  8. Can someone with underlying medical conditions get vaccinated? (4:42)
  9. If I received antibody therapy treatment for COVID-19, should I still get vaccinated? (5:15)
  10. What about the immunocompromised? (5:50)
  11. What is the guidance for pregnant or lactating women? (6:52)
  12. Can children take the vaccine? (7:55)
  13. Are there any allergies that would prevent someone from getting the vaccine? (8:17)
  14. Any other updated FDA vaccine guidance to note? (10:25)




Dec. 8, 2020 Part 1 Video

To help you navigate the video, here are the questions and when they're asked:

  1. Based on what you know, why do you feel comfortable getting the vaccine?
  2. When will Carilion receive the COVID-19 vaccine? When will it be available for the public? (1:13)
  3. Can I stop wearing a mask and taking precautions after getting the vaccine? (2:52)
  4. Which vaccine is Carilion receiving? (4:07)
  5. How is Carilion working with VDH for distribution? (4:43)
  6. Do you have the freezer space for the vaccine? (5:27)
  7. Is it normal to store medicine in an ultra-cold freezer? (7:19)
  8. How does the vaccine work? (8:04)
  9. How long will immunity from the vaccine last? (9:16)
  10. Will it make me sick? (9:52)
  11. Should I report side effects? (11:43)
  12. How many shots will I need for the vaccine to be effective? (12:35)
  13. What’s the risk if I miss the second shot? (12:59)
  14. Who will be eligible for the vaccine? (13:18)
  15. Is it safe for the elderly or pregnant women? (14:15)
  16. Can I still participate in the seroprevalence study if I take the vaccine? (15:28)
  17. Key points (15:54)