11:12 AM

Reminder! Human Research Protections Office Guest Lecture

Megan Singleton

Advancing justice, equity, and inclusion of community perspectives in clinical research


Guest Speaker Megan Kasimatis Singleton, JD, MBE, CIP,  Director of the Human Research Protections Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine will present on Advancing justice, equity and inclusion of community perspectives in clinical research. 

This session will offer considerations for researchers and those involved in ethical oversight of research to advance justice and equity in clinical research through the study design and IRB review process.  Attendees will have an opportunity to explore strategies for incorporating community perspectives in various stages of study design and conduct through case examples. Attendee participation will be welcomed!

Please Join the Human Research Protections Office  on Thursday June 8th from 12pm to 1pm via Teams: Click here to join the meeting