Reproductive Medicine and Fertility

Services Offered

Initial Fertility Consultation


At your first visit you will meet with one of our reproductive and fertility specialists where they will review your history and, in conjunction with you, map out an evaluation and treatment plan.


Our ultimate goal is for conception to occur and allow for a healthy pregnancy.  In order for this to occur, ovulation must happen with a healthy egg that can travel through the fallopian tubes to meet healthy sperm. They then join to form an embryo and travel back to the uterus where they need to find a favorable place to implant and grow into a healthy pregnancy.  The initial testing may include:

  • Ovulation testing - performed to determine if the woman is ovulating and the quality of her eggs

  • Semen analysis - performed on a man’s ejaculate to analyze pH, sperm count motility, and sperm shape

  • HSG (hysterosalpingogram) - this test is performed to determine if the uterus has a normal shape and if the fallopian tubes are open.  The HSG is an X-ray test where contrast is placed in the uterus and fallopian tubes.  The image will show if any blockage is present.

  • Blood work - blood tests for FSH, LH, Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, genetic testing, TSH, prolactin, antimullerian hormone and glucose may be recommended. 

  • Laparoscopy - a surgical procedure that uses a camera to look in the abdomen and visualize the reproductive organs may be recommended. This can reveal information about fibroid tumors, scar tissue and adhesions in the pelvis, the condition of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, cysts on the ovaries, and other abnormalities that may be related to fertility problems.  Many of these problems can be corrected at the time of the laparoscopy.

  • Hysteroscopy, a surgical procedure that uses a camera to look into the vagina, cervix and uterus, may be recommended. It can reveal information about uterine abnormalities affecting the inside of the uterus which can cause pain, heavy bleeding and infertility.

Fertility Treatment Options

  • Ovulation induction - uses oral or injectable medication to promote healthy and timely ovulation which increases the likelihood of pregnancy

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) - procedure that directly places sperm in the uterus during the time of ovulation.

  • Donor sperm insemination (TDI) - procedure that directly places donor sperm in the uterus during the time of ovulation. We work with a variety of sperm banks to provide inseminations for couples needing donor sperm.

  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) utilizes ovulation induction medicines to produce multiple follicles each containing an egg.  The eggs are then removed and combined with sperm in the laboratory to allow for fertilization.  After fertilization the embryos are introduced into the uterus to achieve pregnancy.

    • Donor egg IVF - For women who do not have healthy eggs we are able to perform in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs. This process involves choosing a donor from a donor bank, combining the donor eggs with sperm in the laboratory and transferring the embryos into the patient’s uterus to achieve pregnancy.

    • Fertility preservation - Some women choose to freeze eggs or embryos to preserve their future fertility. Typically this is performed in women who are about to undergo a procedure or receive medications that can harm their chance of pregnancy in the future. However, some women choose to freeze eggs or embryos because they are not ready for a child right now, but would like children in the future and are concerned about their ability to become pregnant when they are older.

Financial Information

The dream of having a family and bringing a new life into the world can become a reality for many through fertility treatments. Success and commitment is a road that may seem out of reach for some couples.  Understanding your insurance options and coverage is one of the first steps in this journey. Our financial advisors can help you navigate insurance coverage and other options that may help you in managing the financial aspects of fertility treatments.  One option, available for patients undergoing IVF, is the Attain IVF Program, which is designed to ease the financial burden for couples needing multiple IVF cycles.

Weight Management

We provide weight management care for females between the ages of 13-65 with excess weight causing problems with their gynecologic health. The work-up may include labs to assess the thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes, and possibly uncommon conditions that can lead to excess weight gain. Our treatments options include: diet and exercise logs, step counts, dietary and physical activity recommendations, FitRx, weight loss medications and referrals to other providers such as dieticians, personal trainers and bariatric surgery. Which treatment options are chosen for you is based upon your input combined with our provider’s recommendations.