Block Rotations

Obstetrics and gynecology residency rotations are scheduled in blocks of four weeks (13 blocks per year). 


Obstetrics/MFM 4 blocks 2 blocks 4 blocks 3 blocks
Gynecology/UROGYN 3 blocks 4 blocks 4 blocks 3 blocks
GYN Oncology 1 block 3 blocks   3 blocks
Night Float 3 blocks 2 block 2 blocks 2 blocks
Reproductive Endocrinology   1 block 1 block  
Ultrasound 1 block      
Elective     1 block  
Family Planning       1 block

*Please note; the number of blocks in a given specialty vary depending on individual residents' schedules and may not be the same for all residents. Schedules also change depending on the academic year and availability of rotation. Some blocks may be longer than four weeks depending on the specialty.