Our obstetrics and gynecology residency program has a comprehensive, two year, repeating didactic curriculum to help ensure that our residents have the opportunity formally visit each learning objective at least twice during their residency.  We follow the learning objectives set forth by the Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG).  We use a combination of grand rounds, morbidity and mortality conferences, problem based learning, lectures, and simulation to teach these objectives.  Although there are scheduled learning activities throughout the week, much of the didactic curriculum occurs on Friday mornings.  The residents have protected time during these Friday morning sessions. 

Mondays Journal Club Once a month All residents and faculty
Mondays Preoperative Conference:  review submitted patient cases and determine if surgical management is appropriate Twice a month Generalist faculty, GYN residents
Wednesdays GYN Conference: Review a chapter in a GYN textbook, associated worksheet Weekly Assigned gyn faculty member, GYN team (REI team when appropriate)
Fridays Grand Rounds Monthly All faculty and residents
Fridays Morbidity and Mortality Conference GYN:   once a month
OB:  once a month
All faculty and residents
Fridays Tumor Board Twice a month Gyn Onc faculty, all residents (only the Onc residents attend the second conference of the month)
Fridays Problem Based Learning (PBL):  A case is reviewed with one faculty facilitating a group of residents.  ACOG Practice bulletin readings are assigned ahead of time.  Simulation is often incorporated into this 2 hour session.  Once a month One faculty facilitates each PBL group, all residents
Fridays Core Lectures: Each subspecialty (gyn onc, MFM, urogyn, REI, and peds/ adolescent) has 6-8 core lectures that they cover over the two year curriculum Twice a month Assigned subspecialty faculty, all residents
Fridays Research Curriculum:   4 sessions per year which culminates in Resident Research Day in June Faculty leader, all residents
Fridays Simulation: Specific for each PGY year in addition to the simulations incorporated into PBL Approximately 3-4 sessions per PGY year Faculty leader, residents in small groups based on year level
Fridays Wellness Curriculum: goal to help residents focus on self-care awareness and emotional well being Once a month Faculty leader, all residents
Fridays Business of Medicine Curriculum:  helps residents understand options after residency and assists with preparing for job interviews, contract negotiations, etc.  Also helps residents who are interested in fellowship prepare for the process Twice a year Faculty leader, all residents
Fridays Mock Oral Exams: helps to prepare residents for taking their oral exam after residency Once a year Assigned faculty, all residents (based on PGY year)

Our residents also experience a comprehensive clinical curriculum in which they care for patients with both obstetric and gynecologic needs.  We are a tertiary referral center with a large volume of high risk obstetrics.   We also have good surgical volumes; including minimally invasive approaches.  In addition to the patient care experiences they receive on their rotations, they also provide care to their own panel of patients in their weekly continuity clinic.  Please refer to our “block schedule” for more information on our clinical rotations.