Breast Care

Services Offered

Balancing high-tech with high-touch, our breast care center offers a full range of services from preventive screening to diagnostic services to breast surgery.

For your convenience, we offer screening mammography services in several locations throughout our region. Screening mammograms are available to all women, regardless of their ability to pay, through the Every Woman's Life community program.

If you have a family history of cancer, we offer cancer genetic counseling to help you understand your risk for a hereditary cancer and, if necessary, to assist you in developing a plan of action to reduce your risk.

When a cancer is identified through our extensive diagnostic services, an interdisciplinary team collaborates to establish a personalized treatment plan. A nurse navigator is provided to serve as a care coordinator and help women navigate through all stages of diagnosis and treatment. A breast cancer support group is also available to recently diagnosed women who may find comfort in meeting other women who are sharing similar experiences.