Breast Care

Screening Mammography


A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breasts. It is used to find breast tumors and cancer.

Am I too young to have a mammogram?
Do I need a mammogram every year?
What if no one in my family has had breast cancer?

Your doctor can answer most of your questions about breast health. A mammogram can help clear up the rest. It's quick and easy to schedule, and it's usually covered by insurance. Carilion offers screening locations throughout western Virginia for your convenience.

Routine screening and early detection of breast cancer significantly improve your odds of beating breast cancer, but research shows that the majority of women in our community currently do not get annual mammograms. Mammograms are available to all women, regardless of their ability to pay, through the Every Woman's Life community program.

The Carilion Clinic Breast Care Center strongly advises women to begin getting an annual mammogram at age 40 - earlier if you have risk factors such as a prior family history of the disease. That's the message of our public awareness campaign, "YES, MAMM," encouraging all age-appropriate women in the Roanoke Valley to schedule an annual mammogram at one of our screening locations.

Women who find that they need additional care will receive personalized attention and support every step of the way. We make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs. Same day appointments are often available and take only about 30 minutes.

The Carilion Clinic Breast Care Centers in Roanoke and the Breast Care Suite at CNRV offer the following:

  • A full range of breast imaging services, from routine screening to diagnostic imaging to work-ups of breast abnormalities.
  • Digital mammography, in addition to standard analog X-ray images.
  • Experienced technologists, all registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), who have collectively provided nearly a quarter million mammograms over the past ten years.
  • On-site reading of all mammograms by board-certified radiologists solely dedicated to reading breast images.
  • Prompt, personal and sensitive communication about test results.
  • Biopsy information
  • A high risk program, where we provide genetic testing and counseling to women at an increased risk for hereditary cancer. (Roanoke only)

Remember, mammograms save lives. Talk to your doctor or schedule your mammogram today, and feel better knowing where you stand in the fight against breast cancer.

For your convenience, we have screening locations throughout western Virginia.