Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

For all absences, you must follow your school's and Carilion's policies (Carilion's is below).

You may not miss the scheduled Check-in for any reason, including Board exams or interviews.

You may not be on the service before completing Check-in or after completing Check-out. If required to make up time missed, do so between Check-in and Check-out.

Some courses further restrict days missed (see the course description), which supercedes the following.

Whether an absence is approved or unapproved, the student must notify the clerkship director (M3) or course supervisor (M4) and the immediate supervising attending and resident. Time missed for unapproved absences will be made up before Check-out.

Approved Absences

Unexpected events:

  • Death in the immediate family (less than 3 days)
  • Personal sickness (> 2 days requires a note from a physician to get credit for the course)
  • Presenting at a conference (1 day)
  • Inclement weather

Scheduled events:

  • M4 interviews other than on the rotation start date (1 day for each rotation week August - January, taken consecutively or at random)
  • School-required event or professional meeting (less than 1 day)

Unapproved Absences

  • Attending graduations, professional conferences
  • Participation in a wedding

Early check-out

Students who have completed all required EM shifts or are post call may check out early by rescheduling with Visiting Student Affairs at least 24 hours in advance. To leave early for any other reason, including inclement weather, students must forward the clerkship or course director's pre-approval email to Visiting Student Affairs at least 24 hours in advance.