Our Cardiac Rehabilitation program is designed to help those with heart disease recover faster, feel better & get healthier. This program actually starts while you are still in the hospital. A cardiac rehab nurse makes visits to discuss your condition & explains what you’ll need to do to get back to living your life.

Next is an outpatient exercise program, beginning after your discharge. This includes aerobic & strength training exercise sessions, personalized to your needs and preferences, diagnosis and doctor’s recommendations. This program also includes education to help you & your family learn more about your condition. Family is encouraged to attend sessions & to remain involved in healthy lifestyle activities.

Physician referral is required before patients begin. We offer cardiac rehab in Roanoke, Bedford, NRV, & Lexington.

Service Benefits
Cardiac rehab involves exercise to help you regain strength, endurance and confidence.
This program involves education to help you and your family make any necessary healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle.
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Carilion Clinic's cardiology team includes many doctors, which have achieved recognition nationally and locally.

Carilion Giles Community Hospital

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Carilion Giles Community Hospital is fully equipped with inpatient, outpatient and emergency services. We primarily serve Giles and Monroe County residents and others who need care.  When appropriate, we support extended nursing care (Swing Bed) for patients needing more time to recover.

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