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Venkateswara Kollipara, M.D.
Medical School
G.S.L Medical College, Rajahmundry, India
Post Graduate Year
Current Practice
Salem VA Medical Center
Kaikalur, India

Since starting my fellowship at VTC in 2017, I have seen myself grow in leaps and bounds in understanding pathophysiology and management of a wide variety of pulmonary and critical care diseases. Fellowship at Carilion provides hands on clinical experience and helps to strengthen the core understanding of the disease. Having two interventional pulmonary faculty allows fellows to experience and participate in a wide array of IP procedures starting from EBUS to EB valve placements. The program is clinically strong and at the same time allows fellows to participate in diverse research projects based on their interest. Having transplant/CF rotation at Inova Fairfax helps fellows to get wholesome experience in all the subspecialities of PCCM. Training at VTC allows one to prepare for both private and academic medicine and I would highly recommend this fellowship to anyone who considers it.

Outside Residencies
St. Elizabeth Health Center, OH
VTC Faculty