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Kristine Casal Dixon, DO
Medical School
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Post Graduate Year
Medical School Graduating Year
Current Practice
Inpatient General Pediatrics
Hammontown, NJ

As a 4th year medical student, I had an opportunity to audition at both small and large pediatric residency programs. When I was a Sub-I in the PICU at Carilion Children's, I was most impressed by how invested the attendings were in each resident's education. In addition, I could sense that most of the residents felt very comfortable with approaching any attending or specialist with questions or concerns. I was especially attracted to a smaller program because I wanted to get to know each of my co-residents personally and also get to work with most of them during various rotations. I was exposed to all the available pediatric subspecialties as a resident which has been an invaluable resource especially as a practicing hospitalist in a small community hospital. I also had the pleasure to work with and get to know other pediatric caregivers including pediatric nurses, transport team and respiratory therapists. I felt very supported even as a young intern. I was looking for a program that will become my family away from home. After four years (I served as a chief resident) at Carilion Children's, not only did I gain colleagues that I deeply respect and admire, but I have also created long lasting personal connections. More importantly, I felt that this program has well-prepared me to become a competent and caring pediatrician.

Chief Resident 2017-2018
VTC Faculty