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Henry Dodd, MD
Medical School
University of Tennessee School of Medicine
Post Graduate Year
Medical School Graduating Year
Current Practice
Outpatient General Pediatrics
Memphis, TN

For me and my family, Carilion Clinic was a wonderful spot for us to live and train. The city of Roanoke was sufficiently populated and economically developed to have everything we needed without the high cost of living or excessive traffic. The affiliation with Virginia Tech, the medical school, and the other residency/fellowship programs provided instant membership to a diverse community of individuals and families at various stages of life and career. Having an unique mix of rural, urban, and suburban populations ensured I received a complete training experience. I now serve in a traditional small community setting (inpatient/outpatient/nursery), but I do it with the knowledge and confidence that I received all the skills and training required for a general pediatrician to care for newborns through late adolescents. 

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