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Dr. Ajay Ghai
Medical School
Western University College of Podiatric Medicine
Post Graduate Year
Medical School Graduating Year
Current Practice
Kaweah Delta Medical Center, CA
Orange, CA

I rotated through many top ranked residency programs as a student.  Carilion Clinic has an intense, fast paced, hands on environment that allows for increasing levels of autonomy with experience and comfort level.  The Podiatry program is integrated within the Orthopaedic department which allows a great deal of trauma exposure.  As a level one trauma center I have had the privilege of seeing the most complicated foot and ankle pathologies from ankle fractures and pilon fractures lisfranc injuries and lawnmower accidents.  There is also a large emphasis on reconstructive and elective surgeries from bunionectomies and arthroscopic procedures to total ankle replacements.   Another benefit to the program is its integration with Virginia Tech's school of medicine which allows ample research opportunities.  I wanted to leave residency competent in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery and I feel I have accomplished that in my time at Carilion Clinic.   On top of the aforementioned there is the tremendous opportunity for outdoor activities in the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as weekend getaways to Washington D.C.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and look forward to building on my skills acquired at Carilion Clinic.

Outside Fellowships
Ankle & Foot Care Centers, Youngstown, Ohio
VTC Faculty