By providing minimally invasive alternatives to many surgical procedures, the goal of interventional radiology is to treat patients on an outpatient basis and reduce the need for sutures whenever possible.

Our interventional radiology (IR) doctors are highly specialized in both clinical medicine and diagnostic radiology, and they can often offer an alternative to traditional open surgery. Our IR procedures use image guidance (ultrasound, CT scan or fluoroscopy) to point the physician directly to the area of interest and allow for precise treatment. This generally allows for less pain, small to no incisions, lower costs and quicker recovery times.

Most patients can go home the same day. Our IR doctors work closely with primary care and other specialists to ensure that individualized care is offered for every patient. 

We get to know our patients for the long run and will continue to support you in our dedicated outpatient clinic, where we can listen to and answer your questions. 

Click here for professional information about interventional radiology at Carilion.

We have six dedicated interventional radiologists on staff to meet your health care needs.
Carilion has more experience than any health system in our region; the advanced academic-level interventional radiology expertise we offer means you don't have to travel for care.
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