Outreach and education are the foundation of creating a healthy, vibrant community. Carilion Clinic’s Community Health and Outreach team offers free, 45-minute presentations once per quarter to groups of 12 or more on a variety of health topics. From healthy lifestyles to disease prevention, our health educators provide engaging, interactive workshops built on evidence-based research—tailored to meet your needs.

Presentations are available virtually or in person. Please submit requests at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the desired session date.

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Featured Topics


How to Plan a Vacation During a Pandemic Are you planning a trip with your family or friends? Get information on the latest CDC travel guidelines, risks to consider and what to pack during the pandemic.

Socializing During a Pandemic Social distancing helps curb the spread of COVID-19, but socializing is an important part of a happy, healthy life. Join us for a discussion on how to safely stay connected with friends and family during the pandemic.

When Should I Worry About My Cough? Learn the differences in symptoms a person has with the common cold, seasonal allergies, influenza (flu) and COVID-19.

Disease Prevention

Eat Right, Be Fit Gain a better understanding of wellness and increase awareness of the importance that diet and lifestyle play in reducing cancer risk.

The New Epidemic: Diabetes Would you know what symptoms to look for if you had diabetes? Uncover some common myths, get real answers and take a diabetes risk test.

Wellness 101: Top Tips for Reducing Your Disease Risk Learn the most important lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce your risk of developing many chronic diseases.


Heart Truth Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Learn about the connection between women and heart disease and starting the road to better heart health.

High Blood Pressure…SO Misunderstood! Join us to debunk common misconceptions and get to the heart of the truth about high blood pressure.  

Warning Signs: Heart Attack and Stroke Discover what happens to the body during a heart and brain attack, how to identify warning signs and the importance of quick action.


Sitting Disease Join us to discuss the perils of inertia, the importance of being physically active all day long and non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).

Sleep Matters A good night’s sleep is vital to our physical health and emotional wellbeing. Learn the benefits of good sleep and why getting a proper rest on a regular basis is essential.

What Momaw Got Right As life has changed over the generations, many of us find ourselves looking for ways to save money, decrease waste and live simpler lives. Join us on a journey looking backwards to find ways to move forward and improve our health.


Get Fit, Don't Sit! Follow along as we share a sampling of aerobic and muscle building exercises that are motivational and easy to do without equipment.

Joyful Movement Do you dread exercise? Join us for some tips and tricks to reconnect with your body and discover types of movement you actually enjoy!

Music as Medicine Based on substantial evidence, music offers numerous health benefits. Learn how elements of rhythm and melody echoed in our daily functioning and physiology can improve our health.

Walking Outdoors Discuss the health benefits of walking and how to find local resources to match your level of fitness.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Intentional Resilience Whether you have a never-ending reserve of resilience or not, most of us struggle under the onslaught of challenges thrown at us. Join us for a conversation about how to intentionally build resilience for yourself and those around you.

Just Breathe: A Guided Meditation for Stress Relief Learn how focusing on your own breathing can help you deal with stress, anxiety and negative emotions.

Using a Crisis Wisely Explore common reasons why we fail at handling stress and learn positive ways we can use stress to prioritize, sort and manage our efforts.


Combatting Cooking Fatigue Tired of cooking at home? Explore fresh approaches that will save you time and infuse new energy into your cooking.

Food, Mood and Mental Health Join us to review the evolving research on the gut-brain link and look at key nutrients, specific foods and eating patterns that help promote mental health and well-being.

Intuitive Eating Review a brief introduction to the ten principles of intuitive eating and potential benefits of this anti-diet approach.

Urban Farm to Table Explore this growing movement and get updates on Carilion's own Southeast Roanoke neighborhood farm collaborative!


Baby Safety Basics Join us to learn the steps you can take to help keep your baby safe. We will cover safety at home, in the car, during feedings and bathtime, and more!

Home Safety for Seniors Each year, millions of older people are treated in emergency departments for falls. Learn ways to help prevent falls in and around the home.

Medication Safety Tips for Your Family Let's review medication tips and guidelines for people of all ages.


Safe Kids: Holiday Safety Join us for a discussion on keeping our families safe during the holidays, including while cooking, decorating, playing with toys and traveling.

Summer Safety Summer is a fun time, but make sure you’re aware of summertime dangers and how to avoid them.

Surviving Winter Pick up tips to get your through the winter.

Social Connection

Art Mends Hearts: In Today's Times Explore the healing benefits of making art, especially in today's climate.          

Journaling We are all feeling a lot of stress these days. Join us for a discussion on how to use journaling to work through the stress and re-focus on positive outcomes.

Tapping Into the "Community" In Your Home Discover how to add reminders of social connection to your home and appreciate the ones that are already there.

Contact Us

To arrange a speaker in your community, see a full list of topics or discuss another topic your group is interested in, please contact Kenya Thompson, Community Health and Outreach, at ksthompson2@carilionclinic.org or 540-983-4053.

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