Intellectual Property Information

Intellectual Property Information

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Carilion has been developing an intellectual property (IP) policy. The new IP policy gives Carilion a firm base from which to deal with the increasingly complicated IP issues that can arise within clinical and biomedical research. This policy also puts Carilion in line with other academic medical centers and universities, all of which have IP policies.

Intellectual property is defined as any intangible asset that consists of human knowledge. This includes property such as ideas, inventions or processes derived from the work of the mind or intellect. As such, this policy governs the handling of inventions, copyrightable works, and other intellectual property as well as tangible research property made by individuals involved in educational, research, clinical and other activities of all entities associated with Carilion Clinic.

Intellectual property has the potential to further Carilion’s mission by improving medical care and contributing to medical research and education. Furthermore, licensing of intellectual property also establishes relationships with companies that can lead to sponsored research within Carilion. This policy is designed to provide technology to industry and others for the public benefit, while providing recognition and incentives to individual inventors to encourage the prompt and open dissemination of research results.  A brief overview can be viewed IP Policy Overview.

Carilion’s IP policy addresses several key areas involving ownership, incentives, and disclosures. Procedures for determining ownership, disclosing IP, and distributing income are addressed. In addition, tangible research property (i.e., human tissue and other bodily samples) is defined and addressed.  To view the Carilion Final IP Policy or access the Carilion Invention Disclosure Form please click on the respective link.

50 Most FAQs covers the most common questions associated with IP: “Who is covered by the Policy?” “What type of IP is covered by the Policy?” “What happens after I disclose my invention?” “How are royalties distributed?”

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is solely responsible for administering and addressing all intellectual property matters at Carilion Clinic. The office of Research and Development, an administrative unit of the OAA, is responsible for reviewing and assessing the Invention Disclosure Form. For more information, please contact Beth Harber, Research Assessment, Intellectual Property Manager, at 985-9805,