Research FAQ

Research FAQ

Q: I am a Carilion employee who wants to do research. How do I start?

A: If you are a Carilion employee, then you should have access to the Carilion intranet. On the intranet, you will find step by step procedures on the Research and Development's website. If your research will involve human subjects, you will also need Institutional Review Board approval. You can find their application on the intranet or the internet.

Q: I am a researcher from another institution and I am interested in doing research at Carilion. How do I get started?

A: To do research at Carilion, you must collaborate with a Carilion investigator. After you find your research partner, you will need to work with both, the Institutional Review Board and Research and Development to obtain proper approvals.

Q: I am a graduate student from another institution and I would like to use Carilion patients to complete my dissertation work. How do I get started?

A: You will need to contact Research and Development who will walk you through the non–Carilion graduate student orientation plan.

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