Fellowship Information


Welcome. We understand it is difficult to navigate through all the sub-specialties in internal medicine, but if you have decided to pursue a career in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine then you made the right choice. After all, this is perhaps the quintessence of all subspecialties, requiring the integration of all subspecialties and a keen mind able to innovate when dealing with highly complex problems. While our position is clearly biased, we are strong believers of this and are thrilled to have the opportunity to help you reach all your goals.

Our faculty is an energetic group of doctors who look forward to the opportunity of teaching people that will hopefully be better than us and help enhance this medical field. We have set the stage to allow you to care for patients with varied complex pathology that you will find motivating and challenging. In doing so, you will have ample access to become proficient in bronchoscopy and many other specialty related procedures, always under close supervision of one of our experienced faculty.

Enlightening case conferences are held weekly and allow you to further expand your knowledge of complex cases, while better understanding the reasoning behind all therapeutic decisions. With a diverse faculty, you will have access to experts in pulmonary hypertension, asthma, COPD, lung cancer, occupational lung disorders and difficult airway management, to name some areas. You will also have access to get familiarized with advanced interventional pulmonology procedures, while becoming experts in EBUS and endobronchial cryobiopsy procedures. With the largest Sleep Practice in our region, you will also have the opportunity to rotate through our Sleep Clinic.

Our closed ICU, a highly sought after rotation by all residents, will allow you to learn while teaching residents under the supervision of one of our Critical Care Medicine boarded faculty.  Electives in other ICUs, such as cardiology and thoracic surgery, further enhance your critical care training. Additionally, our expert bedside ultrasonographers will help you become proficient in this technology. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to participate in our nationally recognized bedside ultrasound course.

Though we understand many may seek a clinical practice after graduating, we do feel participation in research is pivotal to understand not just disease processes, but also issues related to medical therapy. For these reasons, all fellows are expected to participate in some research, with several projects available. Some areas of current active research include COPD, lung cancer, novel applications of bedside ultrasonography and bronchoscopy.

In conclusion, we welcome your interest in our program and are convinced you will not be disappointed if you choose to give us further consideration.

Best of luck,

Mahtab Foroozesh, M.D.                                Edmundo Rubio, M.D.
Program Director
                                                Section Chief


Fellows within the Virginia Tech Carilion Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship Program are exposed to a broad variety of pulmonary disorders and the fundamentals of both clinical and basic science research. In addition, our fellows get significant exposure to Sleep Medicine and Interventional Pulmonology.


Our section is composed of a diverse group of physicians who bring devotion and experience to the art of medicine. We thrive on continuous growth and strive to provide our patients up-to-date and innovative medical care.

We are an academic department with profound interest in teaching and research. Our section has several areas of specific interest, including:

Additionally, we have an aggressive Interventional Pulmonology / Critical Care Program that performs procedures such as flexible and rigid bronchoscopy, image guided bronchoscopy, laser therapy, cryotherapy, percutaneous tracheostomy and medical thoracoscopy, to name a few.


Our mission is to rationally utilize all available resources in order to promote healthcare improvement. To accomplish this goal, we actively promote clinical and research activities and depend on good communication skills from our entire faculty.

Our faculty devote a large portion of their time to caring for our patients, but they are also dedicated to educating medical students, residents and fellows. Our team's primary goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for all our patients.