Environmental Pulmonary Disease

Metal and mineral contaminants found in the environment can affect your health. In some cases, inhaled dust can lead to a lung disease called "pneumoconiosis." Carilion Clinic physicians are trained to diagnose and manage illnesses caused by inhaled dust.

For example, coal workers may develop a particular form of pneumoconiosis referred to as black lung disease. Other professionals may have risks for other types of lung diseases, depending on their exposure.

Carilion's state-of-the-art lung function laboratory and imaging capabilities allow us to accurately measure the extent of damage to the lungs. We will also perform other tests so that we can develop a specialized plan to manage your symptoms and keep you as healthy as we can by preventing further deterioration.

We provide comprehensive and complete care at Carilion, ensuring that our patients have access to all necessary specialty services in our western Virginia location.

Services include:

  • Evaluation of chronic lung disease related to certain occupations, such as coal workers (black lung), sand blasters (silicosis), asbestos exposure, etc.
  • Evaluation of acute respiratory symptoms related to work related exposures, such as chemical exposures, etc.
  • Diagnosis and management of hard metal pneumoconiosis
  • Diagnosis and management of Pigeon's Breeder Disease
  • Diagnosis and management of Farmer's Lung

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