Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine


Are there opportunities for me to grow in teaching?
Yes, we have the opportunity to teach medical students from Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, University of Virginia, and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine as well as PA students from Jefferson College of Health Sciences. Residents are also encouraged to join the TEACH Academy.

What opportunities are there for research?
It is very easy to get involved in research at this program since there are so many opportunities available. Residents are given a month in their intern year which is devoted entirely to research. Residents are paired up with a faculty mentor who serves as an advisor for the resident’s research interest. Residents are also given a list of all the faculty’s current research projects and are encouraged to get involved with in research that interests them.

What volunteering opportunities are available to residents?
Lots of psychiatry residents volunteer at the Rescue Mission which offers a free outpatient clinic for the homeless. There are also opportunities available at Mental Health America. These are great opportunities for residents to serve in the community as well as get valuable experience in an outpatient setting.

What are the housing options?
There are many housing options available in Roanoke. Generally rent is very cheap and the cost of living is low.

What are things to do during free time?

  • There are always events going on during the weekends and the program sends an email to the residents that includes this information every Friday.
  • Concerts at the Berglund Center throughout the year.
  • Beautiful hiking trails in Blue Ridge Mountains like McAfee’s Knob and the Cascades.
  • Outdoor activities including kayaking and camping in the area.
  • Roanoke is also about a 3-hour drive or train ride to DC if you want to spend the weekend there.

What is it like living in Roanoke?
The Roanoke valley has a large regional medical center and is very cosmopolitan and welcoming of many cultures. There are a huge variety of restaurants in the area. People here are very nice and considerate. Gas and rent are cheap. There are also events in the city almost every weekend varying from celebration of different cultures (Greek, Italian, Indian), Roanoke marathon, as well as many concerts.

Do you get football tickets to Virginia Tech games?

Yes. There is a lottery offered for free tickets to all the residents for every home game. There is a lottery for the Virginia Tech home basketball games as well.