Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

Block Rotations


The Virginia Tech Carilion Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship consists of thirteen four-week blocks rotations.

Inpatient Rotation

The inpatient rotation will be primarily based at the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center under the direction of Drs. Sapra and Detweiler.

This rotation will consist of the inpatient unit at the Salem VAMC. The fellow will be involved in the initial care and continuing responsibilities for all consults and inpatients, and will participate in the multidisciplinary, inpatient team.

Consult/Liaison Rotation

The consult/liaison rotation is based at the Salem VAMC with Dr. Bader. This rotation includes inpatient geriatric psychiatry consults requested throughout the hospital.

The fellow will be involved in initial care and will continue responsibility for all consult patients. The fellow will also participate on the multidisciplinary, inpatient, acute care team.

Neurology Rotation

The neurology rotation is based at the Salem VAMC. The fellow will work with Dr. Gary Harpold or designee in the outpatient setting and will participate in inpatient neurology consults.

Long-Term Care Rotation

The long-term care rotation includes experiences in both institutional and non-institutional settings. Long-term care rotations are divided between local nursing homes.

The long-term care rotation also includes experiences in assisted living, adult daycare and the League of Older Americans Wellness Day. The fellow will be supervised by Drs. Kim and Bankole.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Rotation (PM&R)

The physical medicine and rehabilitation rotation is located at the Carilion Clinic Bone and Joint Center. The fellow will work with Dr. Covington in the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation unit. The fellow will be able to observe and participate in the sub-acute phases of care.

Palliative Care Rotation

The palliative care rotation takes place at the Salem VAMC in the palliative care unit. Fellows will work closely with its palliative care team.

Longitudinal Training Component

The longitudinal training component includes an ambulatory and a long-term care experience. The fellow will have a weekly one to two half-day continuity clinic at the Carilion Clinic Center for Healthy Aging.

In addition, the fellow will have one to two half-day sessions in the Carilion Clinic Center for Healthy Aging Geriatric Assessment Clinic (GAC). The fellow will be supervised by Drs. Kim, Bankole, and Trinkle. The fellow will be exposed to a variety of patients.


One half day each week is dedicated to research, self-selected mentoring and elective time. Seminar lectures focus on various aspects or research. Fellows will develop a research project and topic by August first of their fellowship year and a research mentor will be assigned.