Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine


CONNECT is a confidential, 24-hour emergency evaluation and referral service provided by Carilion Clinic and available at no cost to members of our community. CONNECT is staffed by psychiatric nurses and clinical social workers who are trained to help people connect to the psychiatric and behavioral medicine support they need to function well.


Callers to our CONNECT line speak directly with a professional trained to determine what resources are needed to best address their needs. If indicated, the CONNECT professional may suggest an in-person meeting to discuss possible treatment options. Common symptoms include emotional problems like depression, anxiety, or rage. Behavioral issues, such as substance abuse, may be part of the picture as well.


  1. CONNECT services begin with a phone call to 540-981-8181 or toll-free to 800-284-8898.
  2. The on-duty CONNECT professional speaks privately to each caller with the goal of learning more about their difficulties. This initial call does not provide treatment or therapy of any kind. It is simply a way to determine the best treatment options.
  3. When necessary, CONNECT will contact a psychiatrist to admit the patient to the hospital.


CONNECT can perform emergency mental health evaluations at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center during normal business hours and at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital 24 hours a day.

CONNECT accepts referrals for psychiatric hospitalizations.