Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

Child & Adolescent Programs

It is not unusual for children to become overwhelmed with school, home, and social pressures. This can result in problems with anxiety, depression, and/or behavior. Other symptoms that may emerge include abuse of drugs and alcohol, acting out, or finding ways to hurt themselves and others. To promote optimal development, these are issues that cannot be ignored.

We're here to help with assessment and treatment. Carilion Clinic's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine offers inpatient care in Roanoke and outpatient treatment in Roanoke and the New River Valley for children age five to 17. We provide a safe, secure inpatient environment, staffed with child and adolescent psychiatrists, counselors and nurses, and designed to make young people feel comfortable.

Our child and adolescent psychiatry and behavioral health team has been specially trained to work with young patients for treatment of depression, addiction, and other behavioral and psychiatric conditions. We also offer outpatient services for counseling and treatment.


For adolescents with substance abuse issues, our community-based Back on Track program provides structure, support and individual and group therapy to help children turn their lives around.

Back on Track is a 12-week, after-school program that incorporates community service, family involvement, and individualized support. Through a combination of group meetings, family sessions, home visits and volunteer activities, teens are helped to improve their self-esteem and find the motivation they need to make healthier choices for their lives.