Health Professions Educator Series

Health Professions Educator Series

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Members in busy healthcare systems face increasingly competitive claims on their time as medical educators and clinicians. Simultaneously, the national medical education environment is demanding more sophisticated, innovative teaching practices to foster learning outcomes that can be measured, documented and replicated. Balancing these demands can be challenging. This is certainly true at Carilion Clinic, where we teach a broad spectrum of learners, from first-year medical students and physician assistant students to residents and fellows.

Continuing Professional Development offers an opportunity to prepare for multiple roles as educators. The Carilion Clinic Health Professions Educator Series is tailored to those who are interested in educational leadership. Participants learn and apply theories and practices in medical education, educational research, and the fundamentals teaching. An emphasis of the Health Professions Educator Series is to provide opportunities for participants to put educational theory into practice.


Sample of Medical Educator Fellowship Presentation  Topics

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Curriculum Design
  • Being an Educator
  • Educational Planning
  • Educational / Clinical Research
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching at the Bedside and in the Ambulatory Care Clinic
  • Multimedia for Educational Purposes
  • Educational Research and Scholarly Teaching

The sessions are presented by educational specialists from across the Carilion system.

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