Carilion Clinic police

The Carilion Clinic Police Department offers investigative, crime prevention and escort services.

The department investigates crimes that occur on the properties owned or leased by Carilion Clinic. After a complaint is filed, the report is forwarded to the investigator for follow up. The division investigates all felonious offences committed on the campus. These include crimes committed by and against patients, employees, students and visitors while on our campuses.

During Fiscal Year 2008-2009, more than 150 crimes were investigated on the Roanoke based properties. These investigations included crimes against person (larceny and assault) and property (burglary and larceny) as well as computer related crimes. The investigator works closely with other local and state law enforcement agencies.

Our current investigator has been in law enforcement for 36 years. He is a state certified police officer and retired as a Sergeant of Detectives from a local municipal law enforcement agency. He is a graduate of the North Carolina State AOMP Program (Administrative Officer Management Program) and numerous FBI training schools. He is certified with the Department of Criminal Justice Services as a general instructor and fire arms instructor.