Pharmacy Department Leadership

The pharmacy department at CRMH consists of Pharmacy Services with Operation and Admixture, Clinical Services, Medication Use and Regulatory Compliance. In addition, there are directors for Retail Pharmacies, Pharmacy Systems and Pharmacy Supply and Contracting.


Karen Lowdon, R.Ph., M.S.H.A., F.A.C.H.E., Senior Director

Karen Lowdon is the senior director of the pharmacy department and oversees the activities of the three directors of Pharmacy Services at CRMH, while also facilitating the communication among the various administrators. She represents the pharmacy department on various committees throughout CRMH and interacts with members of other departments to further manage pharmacy-related issues. She works to advance clinical pharmacy practice to improve patient care and outcomes. Carilion empowers Karen to fully utilize pharmacists as medication experts and members of the patient care team. She is invested in helping both patients and providers obtain the full value of services that the pharmacy department has to offer.

Operations and Admixture

Larry Mullins, R.Ph., M.B.A., Director

Larry is the director of Operations and Admixture. He works to ensure that the right drug gets to the right patient at the right time. He directs pharmacy staff and coordinates processes for the daily distributive and IV admixture operations. His role involves supporting managers and supervisors in the execution of daily operations and guiding those individuals in personnel management activities. Larry aims to ensure that policies and procedures are followed and personnel resources are appropriately utilized. He also develops performance improvement strategies to maximize the efficiency of departmental processes. Essential components of his work involve recruiting, hiring, evaluating, orienting and training staff.


Regulatory Compliance and Medication Safety

Ron Spellman, R.Ph., Director

Ron Spellman is the director of Regulatory Compliance and Medication Safety. He works to achieve and maintain compliance with all pharmacy accreditation standards, laws, and regulations. In this capacity, he serves as a liaison between the department and regulatory bodies at the state and national levels and assists with inspections, audits, and site visits from regulatory agencies. Ron's duties include the development of internal policies and procedures for compliance in conjunction with pharmacy management. His responsibilities also include reviewing medication errors and adverse events and implementing medication safety initiatives at CRMH. Similarly, he integrates the compliance efforts of the pharmacy department with other disciplines of CRMH.

Clinical Services

Jason Hoffman, PharmD, BCPS, Director

Jason Hoffman is the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services. He oversees the expanding group of clinical pharmacy specialists which now includes surgical and medical critical care, internal medicine, infectious disease, emergency medicine, cardiology, oncology and neonatology as well as clinical pharmacists in family medicine, ambulatory care, and pediatrics. He provides support for pharmacy consultation services, organizes education initiatives for the Department of Pharmacy, and manages quality improvement efforts directly impacted by pharmacists. Jason plays an integral part in the evaluation, revision, and maintenance of the CRMH drug formulary and he supports the activity of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committee for CRMH and Carilion Clinic. Additionally, he coordinates the research activities of the department and serves as a liaison between the pharmacy and research departments, the Institutional Review Board and principal investigators.