Pediatric Allergy

Allergies are common problems for children today, affecting kids in ways that can range from merely annoying and uncomfortable to potentially life-threatening. If you know or suspect your child has allergies of any kind, you'll be pleased to know that you can receive expert care without sacrificing convenience. Carilion Children's Pediatric Allergy is home to the only allergy clinic in western Virginia that is dedicated exclusively to pediatric patients.

Our doctors understand that even minor allergies can have a profound impact on the day-to-day life of a child (and the rest of the family too). We offer supportive care, with an emphasis on helping kids to manage their condition so they can go about the business of experiencing a normal childhood.

New patients with suspected allergies receive a comprehensive evaluation. Based on your child's history, he or she will be given a series of diagnostic tests, which may include breathing tests, allergy or intradermal skin tests, allergy shots, pulmonary function and food challenges. All testing is done in a carefully controlled environment where your child's safety remains the first and foremost priority.

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