Day of Surgery Guidelines

Day of Surgery Guidelines

What happens on surgery/procedure day?

You should plan ahead to bring:

  • Any instructions, papers, x-rays or other test results from your doctor
  • A detailed list of all medications you are currently taking
  • A copy of your living will and/or medical directives
  • Custody documents, if applicable
  • Shoes and comfortable/loose fitting clothing
  • Dentures, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or wigs along with a protective case for these items as they may be removed prior to your procedure.

Please do not wear or bring:

  • Scented aftershave, lotion, perfume or cologne (this applies to both patients and their escorts)
  • Makeup, nail polish, jewelry (including wedding rings), body piercings
  • Infants or small children who are not patients

What happens after my surgery or procedure?

Our pain management team will monitor you regularly to assess your comfort level.

You will either be sent home or to a hospital room, depending on your progress and the type of surgery or procedure you have received.

If you are having an out-patient procedure and returning home the same day, it is strongly preferred that your escort remain at the hospital the entire length of your stay. If this is absolutely not possible, your escort must leave a phone number where he or she can be reached immediately and be able to return to the hospital immediately, if called.

If you return home the same day as your surgery/procedure, please arrange in advance to have someone stay with you for at least 24 hours.

Do not drive, operate machinery, cook, smoke, or drink alcohol at least 24 hours after the drowsiness of your pain medication has passes.

Follow your discharge instructions closely concerning diet, rest and medication.

Call your Carilion Clinic physician at once if you develop any problems after your procedure.

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