Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Using technology to improve healthcare

Our Health Information Exchange (HIE) quickly and securely shares your health information electronically among a network of healthcare providers (nationally and internationally), including hospitals, physician offices, laboratories and pharmacies. Your health information is secure. Only authorized healthcare providers with a valid reason will be permitted to access your medical information.

How does HIE Help You?

Carilion Clinic believes that HIE will enable us to better care for all of our patients.

  • Improved Care- With access to information about your health history and medical care, your healthcare provider has a more complete picture of your overall health. This can help providers make better decisions about your care. The information may also prevent you from having repeat tests, saving you time, money and worry.
  • Emergency Treatment- In an emergency situation, providers may immediately check your record to see if you have allergies, health problems, test results, medications or previous concerns that may be important factors in helping them provide you with emergency care.
  • Helps to Protect Privacy and Information Security- By sharing information electronically through a secured system, the risk that your paper and faxed records are misplaced is reduced.

How does HIE help protect your medical information and keep it secure?

Carilion Clinic is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our patient’s health information, including the sharing and accessing of information through HIE.

  • HIE and its participants must protect your private medical information under the federal HIPAA law, as well as applicable state laws.
  • HIE is encrypted, meaning it can be used only by authorized providers. This includes protections to prevent hackers from accessing your information.
  • Each individual person with permission to see your information has their own user name and password and gets training before they can see your information.
  • HIE records every time someone looks at your medical information. In the event of a concern, HIE can track who accessed your information and reports are available to the Carilion Clinic Privacy & Information Security Officer.

You have choices about joining HIE

Carilion Clinic recognizes your rights related to how we share your information. You have the following choices:

Choice 1: Say Yes. No further action needed.

If you agree to have your medical information shared with HIE and you have a current General Consent and Treatment form on file, you do not need to do anything. By signing the form, you have granted us permission to share your health information to HIE.

Choice 2: Say No Thanks. Complete a HIE Opt-Out Form.

We recognize your right to choose not to participate in HIE, also referred to as opting-out. If you decide to opt-out, healthcare providers will not be able to access your health information through HIE. You should understand that providers may still request and receive your medical information from other providers using other methods permitted by law, such as fax, mail or other electronic communication.

If you want to opt-out of participating in HIE, please complete the Carilion Clinic HIE Opt-Out Request Form. You can also submit the form by downloading and printing it on your computer or by asking for a copy of the form at any Carilion Clinic registration location. After completing the form, submit the form as indicated.

Please note, your opt-out does not affect health information that was disclosed through HIE prior to the time that you opted out.

Choice 3: You can change your mind at any time about joining HIE.

You can say yes today and change your mind later by completing the opt-out process listed under Choice 2.

You can also say no today and change your mind by later submitting a Carilion Clinic HIE Reinstatement of Participation Form. You can also submit the form by downloading and printing it on your computer or by asking for a copy of the form at any Carilion Clinic registration location. After completing the form, submit the form as indicated.

If you have any questions or for more information, please email us at or call 540-224-5759.

You may hand deliver your forms to the closest Carilion hospital medical records department in your area or mail to:

Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital
Attn: Medical Records
1906 Belleview Ave
Roanoke, VA 24014