Patient Transportation

About the Helicopters


The Carilion Clinic Life-Guard helicopters are all EC 135s. It has the space to accommodate up to two patients, two medical attendants and two pilots. The aircraft is equipped with instrumentation that allows its operation safely in less than optimal weather conditions, when appropriate.

However, Life-Guard is unable to operate in extreme weather conditions, such as thunderstorms or icing. Current weather conditions and forecasts for the service area are routinely monitored. Pilots will accept or reject a flight request based on the current and forecasted weather between patient location and the receiving facility.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment onboard the helicopters includes:

  • Cardiac monitoring, defibrillation and external pacing devices.
  • Pediatric care equipment.
  • Cervical collars, backboard and other splinting devices.
  • Oxygen and advanced airway supplies.
  • Critical care medications.
  • Ventilator
  • IV Pumps

Landing Zone

The landing zone, or helipad, must be a minimum of 100-feet square and free from wires, poles and other obstructions. For safety reasons, by-standers should not approach the aircraft.