Outpatient Therapies

Speech Therapy

Speech, language and/or swallowing problems affect adults for a variety of reasons, including accidents, injuries, progressive or sudden illness, or stroke.

Our certified speech and language pathologists can help. We evaluate and treat people affected with a variety of disorders that affect communication and swallowing.

  • Speech – People with slurred or uncoordinated speech, poor articulation, or stuttering are treated with compassion and care.
  • Language – Word finding and comprehension problems can be addressed by our skilled therapists.
  • Cognitive – We also treat problems with memory and reasoning that make communication difficult.
  • Swallowing – Dysphagia can be managed with diet, exercises and adaptive techniques that our therapists tailor to the unique needs of the patient.

We also have many advanced techniques and devices are at our disposal, including speech-generating devices that can give a voice to people who are unable to express themselves verbally, and VitalStim® which is a specialized therapeutic technique that improves swallowing.

If your doctor thinks you can benefit from speech therapy, call us. We can arrange a complete evaluation by one of our licensed speech and language pathologists.