Outpatient Therapies

Occupational Therapy

It can be frustrating when an injury or illness makes it hard for you to take care of yourself or impossible to do your job or enjoy your normal activities. Occupational therapists assist people across the lifespan who have had a change in their level of function to regain their maximum level of independence in their daily activities, such as self-care, leisure, or work.

Occupational therapy focuses on the upper extremities, from the shoulder to the hand, for patients with arthritis, carpal tunnel and other issues limiting the use of the hand and fingers. The goal is to help improve your ability to perform the activities of daily life. Occupational therapy is often recommended for people who've been injured in an accident, are recovering from an illness or surgery, or have a chronic disability or weakness. Our occupational therapists will collaborate with your doctor to develop a plan to make it easier for you to function with more satisfaction, ease and independence.

Occupational therapy practitioners take a holistic perspective and work closely with other team members. Some of the services our occupational therapists provide include:

  • Activities of daily living-retraining
  • Adaptive equipment instruction and modification
  • Strengthening and reconditioning
  • Coordination retraining
  • Cognitive retraining
  • Upper extremity wound management
  • Hand therapy