Outpatient Therapies

Massage Therapy

Soft-tissue injuries can be very painful. They can interfere with sleep and limit your range of motion and ability to go about your day. This can cause stress, which leads to a cycle that prevents you from feeling healthy, strong and rested.

Massage therapy can break that cycle.

Our licensed, certified massage therapists are highly skilled and trained in the use of touch to manipulate soft tissue in ways that can reduce pain and stiffness, lower stress and help your medical treatment and rehabilitation to succeed. Our therapists are skilled in a variety of therapeutic massage techniques to relax your muscles, reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, and get your blood and endorphins circulating.

Massage therapy can be an important part of your overall healthcare program.

We offer massage therapy by appointment at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center.

Pricing* 30-Minute 60-Minute Hot Stone
General Public $40 $60 $70
Current PT/ST/OT Patients $35 $55 $65


*Employees, please call for pricing.


To schedule an appointment, call (540) 731-2969.