Occupational Medicine

Health & Wellness Programs

Chronic diseases are among the most common and costly of all health problems. Studies show that adopting a healthy lifestyle can aid in prevention. Guided by licensed and registered clinical professionals, the wellness programs offered through Carilion Clinic aim at identifying those individuals with chronic disease states and arming them with the tools to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In an effort to control rising health care costs, many employers are turning to workplace health programs to make changes in the worksite environment, help employees adopt healthier lifestyles and, in the process, lower their risk of developing costly chronic diseases.

  • Health coaching/nurse health educators
  • Health fairs
  • Body mass index (BMI) screening
  • Diabetes education
  • Cholesterol screening
  • Hypertension screening
  • Nutrition and weight control education
  • Stress and mental health issues
  • Breast health awareness
  • Prostate/testicular cancer awareness
  • Well Said Speaker's Bureau