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Across all of our services, you’ll find nurses who are going above and beyond the call of duty to care for patients.

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Our nurse work in a variety of locations and settings. Some work in our hospitals taking care of patients on the floor and others work in our primary care practices or specialty offices. Our team of home health and hospice nurses visit patients at home, making sure they are getting the care they need. To see all of our locations, visit us here.

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Our opportunities for nurses are vast. We offer care across a broad spectrum of services, including orthopaedics, surgery, trauma, primary care and neurotrauma. Our two hospitals in Roanoke, Va., are both designated Magnet® hospitals by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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Our opportunities for nurses are vast. We offer care across a broad spectrum of services, including orthopaedics, surgery, trauma, primary care and neurotrauma. Here’s more information about our technology for nurses:

  • Epic - The Epic system is used to document care for all patients and is a very easily navigated system to review notes, lab studies and diagnostic findings. This system is the most commonly used medical electronic record nationwide and our facility has been using this system for over a decade.
  • PeraTrend - Found at CRMH, this technology is used to monitor the clinical progression of patients, and offers an “assistant” to our nurses by noticing downward trends in the patient's overall condition. This is an early warning system that allows us to identify patients who potentially may need to be upgraded to a higher level of care.
  • GetWell Network - (GWN) Our GWN is an interactive patient care technology at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital (CRMH) that enables our nurses to assign education to our patients that is specific to their hospital admission. The GWN is also an excellent tool for patients to learn information regarding their medications while also promoting a relaxed atmosphere through a selection of healing videos. Patients may also watch movies, play games, leave comments/compliments regarding their care and notify leadership of any questions or concerns they may have regarding their care.
  • Teletracking - Carilion is considered a “Luminary site” due to our usage of Teletracking across multiple levels of care. A luminary site is an organization that utilizes the technology very well and is a site for others to benchmark with to implement practices that have been shown to be successful. Our nurses utilize this piece of technology to facilitate safe movement throughout the system for the patient, from the time of arrival through the emergency department to the time of discharge from a facility.
  • Kronos - Kronos allows us to offer a self-scheduling system for our nurses. Which days do you want to work? How long do you want to work in a given day? You tell us. Our leaders will work to meet as many scheduling requests as possible, in accordance with unit staffing matrices as well as staffing needs. If you find that you would like to switch with someone for a day off, this system offers you a very quick, efficient and painless way of requesting to swap the shift.
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Carilion Clinic is a not–for–profit health care organization based in Roanoke, Va. Through our comprehensive network of hospitals, primary and specialty physician practices, and other complementary services, our nurses work with physicians and their colleagues to provide quality care close to home for nearly 1 million Virginians. With an enduring commitment to the health of our region, we also seek to advance care through medical education and research, help our community stay healthy, and inspire our region to grow stronger.

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About Us
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Carilion Nurses and Professional Shared Governance (PSG)

Shared Governance is a priority at Carilion because we understand our nurses have the expertise and knowledge to contribute to only the best patient outcomes. We have many nationally published nurses who are experts in their field and it is through their advocacy and exemplary practice that we are able to live our Carilion values. Nurses are important in shared governance because they work alongside our physicians and ancillary departments to serve our patients and those in our commUNITY, with compassion, courage, curiosity and commitment to excellence. The purpose of Carilion’s PSG is to enhance shared and collaborative decision-making authority and responsibility that define, monitor and advance the professional practice of nurses toward perfect care.

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Nursing Governance Councils
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The “5 Ps” and The Six Governance Councils

  • PSG gives our nurses a voice in the 5 Ps. We have six Nursing Governance Councils that also support the “5 Ps”:
    1. Professional Practice-Nurses impacting their professional practice through shared governance
    2. Patient Safety
    3. Patient Quality of Care
    4. Patient Experience
    5. Point of Service Decision Making: Decisions made by experts as it pertains to specific decisions
  • The Six Nursing Governance Councils are:
    1. Nursing Education - The purpose of the Nursing Education Council is to plan, review and facilitate the implementation of educational activities for the nursing staff. This education includes unit-based education and serves as a communication conduit for the nursing staff. To have a strategic system-wide education process that focuses on value-added learning and accountability for learning needs.
    2. Nursing Professional Recognition - The purpose of the Professional Recognition Council is to recognize outstanding nurses and exemplary nursing practice by nurses who exhibit Carilion Clinic values.
    3. Nursing Research - The purpose of the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council is to promote the conduct, use and integration of research and evidence-based practice as a means to implement better ways to improve the health of the communities we serve. Council members provide mentorship and guidance for clinicians in these areas.
    4. Nursing Professional Practice - The purpose of the Clinical Practice Council is to review, revise, and communicate standards of evidence-based professional nursing practice at CMC where the goal is to provide high quality, safe patient care. This work includes reviewing and approving policies for products and equipment, new practice recommendations, and communication of outcomes and policy revisions to staff throughout all settings in which nursing is practiced.
    5. Nursing Quality - The purpose of the Nursing Quality Council is to monitor and improve the appropriateness and effectiveness of care provided by nursing staff; assess performance against national benchmarks as available, and ensure compliance with established standards of care and practice.
    6. Nursing Informatics and Technology - The purpose of the Carilion Clinic Nursing Informatics and Technology Council is to support the ongoing evolution of Carilion’s technological endeavors that impact nursing. This includes, but is not limited to, the electronic health records system, any hardware or software used in a clinical setting, and any other technology that is used by Carilion’s clinicians.
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Educational Opportunities

To promote continuing education, our Education Council meets monthly to review patient and staff educational needs. We also offer a new success pays program for nurses seeking certifications in collaboration with the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Through this program, our nurses can sit for the exam up to twice without having to pay the initial examination fee.

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Practice and Outcomes

Evidence-based practice is used to identify opportunities to improve our overall patient care. Through our Professional Practice Council, we have a policy and procedures committee which benchmarks with the latest literature regarding our practice. Our nurses meet monthly, review the best practice recommendations and vote on modifications to policies and procedures that will impact our overall patient care.

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Our culture is centered on our core values of commitment, compassion, courage, curiosity and community. Our nurses thrive in an atmosphere of shared decision-making, professional development and the encouragement to advocate the professional practice of nursing.

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Our Nursing Culture
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Carilion Clinic’s Office of Nursing Research and EBP provides consultation and support for nurses to develop, cultivate, implement and disseminate their scholarly ideas. We work closely with the Nursing Research Council to promote the conduct, use and integration of research, evidence-based practice and innovation at the frontline of nursing care.

  • Consultation and Coaching: Staff provide consultation and coaching to support the development of research questions, funding requests (such as grants), study designs, IRB considerations, study implementation and dissemination.
  • Education: We offer introductory and advanced classes at no charge covering a variety of nursing research and presentation development topics.
  • Nursing Research Fellowship: This is designed for nurses who have important clinical questions that have the potential to impact key performance indicators. This 12-month program is designed to increase the quality of patient care and improve patient outcomes by providing nurses with education in research and evidence-based practice methodologies. research and evidence-based practice methodologies. Successful applicants work in teams of two to develop and implement a study that addresses their chosen patient issue. Study findings are used to inform practice and practice change. Recent projects have provided clinical direction for post-sternotomy breast support, promoting patient sleep, pain management and oral mucositis, among other important studies.
  • Conference Travel Funding: We provide assistance through the Nightingale Award to nurses who have been accepted to present at regional, national and international conferences.
  • Poster Printing and Professional Presentation Support: Staff provide consultation and support for the development of professionally printed posters and podium presentations for accepted for presentation at local, regional, national and international conferences.
  • Annual Nursing Research Conference: This annual fall conference engages and excites nurses to plan and implement nursing studies successfully and to disseminate outcomes that reflect impact to patient care. Continuing Education Credits are offered.
  • Within REACH – Peer Reviewed Publication: The Within REACH publication is a venue for nurses to showcase the development of their skills in the various aspects of research, with academic rigor. It is a peer-reviewed publication that features articles by our nursing staff about current evidence and projects that have the capacity to improve patient care and outcomes. View our latest issue.
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Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)
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Intuitive, curious, innovative and collaborative are just a few words to de-scribe Carilion Clinic progressive care nurses. Our highly skilled nurses choose to work in progressive care to provide advanced, competent and comprehensive care to acutely ill patients – patients who require a high degree of nursing care and/or a high level of observation.

Our progressive care specialty units bridge the gap between intensive care units and medical-surgical units.

Progressive care nursing is an integral part of Carilion nursing. In keeping with our mission to provide high-quality, patient-centered care, Carilion Clinic has established a unique Progressive Care R.N. Fellowship Program. Through extensive orientation and educational opportunities that go beyond a set of essential core nursing competencies, we help prepare our nurses for opportunities in three different tracks: Clinical, leadership or education.

The Progressive Care R.N. Fellowship program was designed to promote sound competency, professional development, nursing engagement and mentorship. Candidates are eligible for the fellowship upon successful completion of the R.N. Residency Program.

We are preparing our nurses for the health care challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Program Highlights

  • Sign-on bonus for new hires
  • Residency Program for new graduates or nurses with less than one year of experience
  • Preceptor and/or mentor support available
  • Certification preparation materials available
  • Certification-associated bonus program
  • Licensed tech (L.P.N.) support role for PCUs
  • Clinical Advancement Program (CAP)

To learn more, contact our Human Resources Service Center at 800-599-2537.

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Progressive Care Registered Nurse (R.N.) Fellowship
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