12:43 PM

Video Q&A: Pregnancy and the COVID-19 Vaccine


Dr. Jaclyn Nunziato with Carilion Clinic Obstetrics and Gynecology sat down to answer your questions about pregnancy and the COVID-19 vaccine. This guidance is constantly evolving. We will work to update it regularly, but be sure to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists websites for timely and regularly updated information.

To help you navigate the video, here are the questions and when they're asked:

  1. Can I get the vaccine if I'm pregnant or planning to become pregnant?
  2. If I am currently pregnant, when is the safest time to get the vaccine? (2:15)
  3. What about if I'm breastfeeding? (3:00)
  4. If I take the vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding, will my baby be protected by the antibodies my body makes? (3:50)
  5. What are the potential side effects from the vaccine, and how should I treat them if I'm pregnant? (4:22)
  6. What are the risks if I decide not to take the vaccine? (5:24)
  7. Will the vaccine cause infertility? (6:05)
  8. Will children under the age of 16 be able to take the vaccine? (6:52)
  9. Are you recommending that your patients take the vaccine? (7:20)