Our Mission

The department's primary goal is to provide a safe environment for the Carilion community, protecting life and property, deterring and investigating crime and maintaining public order. The division investigates all felonious offences committed on the campus. These include crimes committed by and against patients, employees, students and visitors while on Carilion campuses.

Carilion Clinic Police and Security Services also encourage all community partners to become aware of crime prevention measures and to participate in the department's crime prevention educational offerings. 

In accordance with the Code of Virginia §15.2-1609 and SB 5030, data collected on investigatory traffic stops and detentions can be requested by visiting https://www.vsp.virginia.gov/CJIS_UniformCrimeReporting.shtm#CP or by contacting the Carilion Clinic Police Department at 540-981-7840.