Roanoke, Va,
11:27 AM

New Carilion Medicine magazine is now available

Our latest issue of Carilion Medicine magazine is out now.

It features extensive coverage of our COVID-19 response in a special report called “Surge Protectors.” The four-story package highlights various aspects of our experience during the global health pandemic, including a cover story on how we turned our plans for fighting the virus into action. Other stories focus on:

  • Collaborations that led to life-saving inventions;
  • A patient who struggled to overcome COVID-19 after losing her husband to it, and;
  • The many heartwarming ways community members showed their support.

“As health care providers, health challenges are part of the reason we went into medicine, though I’m not sure any of us ever expected something the magnitude of COVID that would threaten health care itself,” said Patrice M. Weiss, M.D., executive vice president and Chief Medical Offer, who also serves as the magazine’s publisher. “This issue takes a comprehensive look at our extraordinary experience with COVID-19 and celebrates many important achievements that promise to reshape the way we care for patients for years to come.”

In addition to the special report, the magazine takes a glimpse into our Brachial Plexus Clinic -- how it is treating patients at risk of losing arm mobility — and reports on our new approach for treating babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

The closing BackStory essay comes from Lee Learman, M.D., Ph.D., dean of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, who writes about expanding both the class size and curriculum over this historic past year.

Read these articles and more in our latest issue.

Carilion Medicine targets a national audience of clinical and administrative health care leaders and has been recognized among the nation’s leading medical magazines. In 2020, it was recognized for editorial excellence for the third consecutive year by the Folio awards, the national magazine industry’s most prestigious competition for our Spring/Summer 2019 issue “Building a Better Doctor.”