15:53 PM

Carilion Physician Leads National Stroke Clinical Trial

Biraj M. Patel, M.D., Neurointerventional Radiologist with Carilion, is the national principal investigator and the first physician in the country to enroll a patient in the FAST-BGC clinical trial for balloon guide catheter use in stroke patients.

Traditional catheter technology used to treat stroke patients looks like a small tube through which another smaller catheter and sometimes a stent-like device are used to retrieve the clot. The catheter is inserted through a blood vessel and the device is used to remove the clot from the brain before it has time to cause significant damage. This novel balloon guide catheter works in conjunction with traditional technology.

“This research is assessing technical efficacy and safety associated with the new balloon guide catheter used to treat stroke,” explained Dr. Patel.

The balloon guide catheter uses a small balloon to temporarily stop blood flow in the neck, which allows for easier and more effective access to and extraction of the clot in the brain. While the blood flow is temporarily stopped, the physician uses a second catheter to remove the clot. After removal, blood flow is returned to normal.

Carilion is one of only seven centers in the country participating and currently has the highest patient enrollment.

Knowing the signs of stroke and getting emergency medical care quickly are essential to positive patient outcomes. Time is brain.

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