Spinal Disorders

At Carilion Clinic, we have a team of highly experienced neurosurgeons who can handle the full gamut of spinal conditions. In addition to treating patients with degenerative spinal diseases, such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis (narrowing), and pinched nerves, our highly skilled neurosurgeons care for extremely critical and complex spinal problems, such as badly broken backs and necks, spinal cord and column tumors, and tethered spinal cords and spina bifida in children. Our dedicated neurosurgeons have the expertise and experience to guide patients as conservatively as possible through spinal illnesses, and to know when surgery is the best option.

Back and neck pain and pinched nerve syndromes are common, and most episodes of spinal pain or pinched nerve pain (radiculopathy) will settle down and go away within a few weeks or months. Often limited treatment, such as anti-inflammatory medicines, exercise, physical therapy, and/or time is effective. Some conditions, however, are more long lasting, more painful, or more serious than the average case.

One of the most critical factors in the evaluation and treatment of spinal disorders is the decision whether a specific patient will benefit from, or require, surgery.

Some of the spinal disorders we treat include:

Appropriate surgeons to treat spinal disorders.