Staff Special Interests

CC-VTC's neurosurgery team has more than 100 years combined of practice experience and a wide range of special interests. Some of our team member's special interests and research interests include:

Lisa Apfel, M.D.
Special Interests: pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric head injury, brain tumors, spina bifida, and spinal fractures

Zev Elias, M.D.
Special Interests: pituitary tumors, head injury, and stereotactic radiosurgery (CyberKnife)
Research Interests: head injury

John C. Fraser, M.D.
Special Interests: spinal trauma, and degenerative spinal disorders
Research Interests: history of neurosurgery

Edgar N. Weaver, Jr., M.D.
Special Interests: spinal instrumentation and biomechanics
Research Interests: surgical approaches to the spine and biomechanics

Gary R. Simonds, M.D.
Special Interests: complex brain tumor surgery, vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, and epilepsy surgery
Research Interests: factors effecting surgical dexterity, ethics in neurosurgery, neurosurgeon exposure to tragedy, brain tumors, building resilience in neurosurgical caregivers, healthcare delivery science
Recent publications: Building Resilience in Neurosurgical Residents

Greg Howes, D.O.
Special Interests: complex spinal surgery, degenerative spine, functional neurosurgery
Research Interests: spinal deformity assessment, deep brain stimulation

 Eric Marvin, D.O.
Special Interests: skull base surgery, cerebrovascular surgery, complex tumor surgery, spinal fractures
Research Interests: brain tumors

Mark Witcher, M.D.
Special Interests: epilepsy surgery, brain tumor surgery, movement disorder surgery
Research Interests: epilepsy, deep brain stimulation