For Referring Doctors

Our neurosurgery team believes that patients are best served by having seamless and continuous communication between our neurosurgery team and their referring physicians. We will work with you to schedule a prompt evaluation to determine the diagnosis and the appropriate intervention, as well as develop a detailed plan of action for treatment and follow-up care. We look forward to partnering with you in offering your patients the most advanced, comprehensive, and compassionate care available. Physicians, case managers, or medical organizations who would like to obtain consultations or discuss critical care issues may call Carilion Clinic Neurosurgery at 540-224-5170.

Carilion also offers a second opinion service for brain or spine injury. To access Carilion Clinic Neurosurgery's second opinion service, please call 540-224-5170 and notify our scheduling personnel that you are seeking a second opinion for your patient and reference a potential surgical problem. Most cases are streamlined so that the patient can be seen within five business days by one of our neurosurgeons.