Brain Disorders

Brain surgery, an extremely delicate and complex process, is performed by a neurosurgeon. At Carilion Clinic, our neurosurgeons have undergone extensive training in pediatric and adult brain surgery at the best programs in the country. Our surgeons are highly seasoned in all forms of brain surgery, several with decades of experience. We always use a team approach to determine the care and treatment plans of our patients. Particularly complicated surgeries are reviewed in large multi-disciplinary conferences.

Our surgeons perform thousands of procedures each year, and the operating rooms and intensive care units are supported with the latest equipment and experienced, dedicated support teams. With anesthesia techniques, image guidance (computer assistance to visualize brain structures), neuromonitoring (recording and following of nerve function during surgery), minimally invasive techniques, and other advances, brain surgery has become much safer than any time in the past.

Conditions that might require brain surgery include:

Appropriate surgeons to treat brain disorders.