Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Carilion Clinic's new state-of-the-art epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) is a specialized, three-bed inpatient unit in Virginia. It is designed to evaluate, diagnose, and treat seizures in adult patients. Our skilled medical, nursing, and technical staff provides advanced computer-based 24-hour monitoring. Each private room is customized with special lighting, carpeting, cables, and cameras for optimal evaluation of seizure disorders.

In the EMU, the electrical activity of the brain is monitored to facilitate optimal diagnosis and treatment of seizure disorders. Non-invasive EEG electrodes are placed on the scalp, just like a routine EEG, for a 24-hour period. Monitoring allows us to:

  • Evaluate patients for epilepsy surgery by locating the area where seizures start
  • Classify seizure type (including epileptic and non-epileptic seizures)
  • Determine the type, frequency of nature of seizures and episodes
  • Provide information that helps identify the best medication to bring seizures under control for each patient

A physician referral is required for EMU monitoring.