Mobile Health Resource

Carilion Clinic is available at your fingertips with a new mobile app. The Carilion Clinic Mobile Health Resource gives you the ability to search for doctors, other healthcare providers, hospitals, and urgent care clinics near you. You can also access a digital health encyclopedia, an interactive symptom checker, and connect to other Carilion Clinic services, all while on your phone. The Mobile Health Resource provides you with important information about your health and the ability to find medical help any time you need it.

Are you concerned about a bite, a sting, or a small cut? Use the First Aid feature to help make informed decisions about how to treat the problem and how to react if the situation is more serious. Do you have a health concern on your mind? You can use the interactive symptom navigator to tap the area of concern and learn about the different symptoms and what health conditions they could be connected to.


  • Find a Doctor or Provider near you.
  • Get location information about Carilion Clinic facilities.
  • The interactive symptom navigator.
  • An easy to read digital health encyclopedia.
  • Multiple ways to connect with Carilion Clinic via social networking.
  • 24/7 access to health information.