Joint Replacement

Services Offered

As the region's leader in joint replacement, we offer all the treatments and services you need to get you back to your normal lifestyle. Our surgeons will work with you to provide a treatment plan and manage your condition, and, if surgery becomes necessary we'll be with you every step of the way with our patient education program and dedicated inpatient recovery units.


We know you want to reduce your pain and feel better. We also know you are anxious to get home and return to your normal activities as quickly as possible. That's why our orthopaedic surgeons specialize in performing the most sophisticated computer-assisted techniques. By taking a minimally invasive approach to procedures, we can offer you the best of both worlds—an excellent outcome with quicker recovery.

When it comes to hip joint replacement, all of Carilion surgeons utilize anterior approach, the most successful and least invasive method in practice.

Benefits of this method include:

  • Smaller incisions with precise instrumentation causes less physical trauma
  • Hip joint access is created between muscles, eliminating the need to detach and reattach the muscles
  • Post-operative discomfort is reduced, less healing time is needed, and rehabilitation can begin earlier

We are proud to offer other advanced treatment options including:

  • Knee replacement (partial and total)
  • Treatment of bone infections
  • Treatment of implant infections
  • Revision hip and knee replacement
  • Removal of hip and knee hardware
  • Hip and knee resurfacing
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Bone tumor surgery (adults)
  • Soft tissue tumor surgery (adults)