Interventional Radiology

The technologist and the doctor work together to safely and accurately complete the procedure.

Interventional Radiology (IR) offers minimally invasive procedures that can treat a wide variety of conditions in the body.  Carilion Clinic’s Interventional Radiology doctors are highly specialized in radiology medicine and can often offer an alternative to traditional open surgery.  Procedures done in IR utilize image guidance (ultrasound, CT scan, or fluoroscopy) that point the physician directly to the area of interest and allow for precise treatment.    This generally allows for less pain, small to no incisions, lower costs, and quicker recovery times.

Most of our procedures can be done without general anesthesia and patients can go home on the very same day.  The IR physicians work closely with primary care and other specialty providers to ensure that individualized care is offered for every patient.  Our goal is to provide cutting-edge, superior quality, patient-centered care with the least amount of interruption to daily life possible.


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