Internal Medicine

Block Rotations

The Internal Medicine Residency program's academic year consists of thirteen 28-day blocks. The following is a typical block schedule.

Blocks PGY1 PGY2 PGY3 Preliminary
1 Wards Wards Wards (RMH/VA) Wards
2 Wards Wards CCU Wards
3 Wards Wards (VA) MICU Wards
4 Wards MICU Day Float Wards
5 Wards (VA) CCU NF or wards Wards (VA)
6 Cards wards Cards wards Neurology (VA) Cards wards
7 MICU NF or wards Ambulatory MICU
8 NF Ambulatory Selective NF
9 ED Geriatrics Selective Ambulatory
10 Ambulatory Selective Selective Elective
11 Selective  Selective Elective Elective
12 Elective Elective Elective Elective
13 Elective Elective Elective Elective


4 Week Elective

2 Week Elective

Ambulatory* Anesthesia
Cardiology (Cards Wards)*                Allergy and Immunology
Endocrinology Dermatology
Emergency Medicine* ECHO/EP Studies
Gastroenterology ECG
Geriatrics* ENT/Otolaryngology
Hematology/Oncology PM&R
Hospitalist (with some Adolescence) Psychiatry
Infectious Disease Ophthalmology
Nephrology Orthopedics
Neurology* Sleep Medicine
Pulmonary Wound Care
Rheumatology Other 2 or 4 weeks
Rural Medicine  

 Away Elective, Research Block or 'Other' (needs special PD permission)

* Means is already incorporated in the schedule but can be taken again as an elective;
Bold means Medical Specialties (=Selective); need to choose at least 5 of them as a Selective.
Vacations can be taken up to 2 weeks during an elective. If you take 1 week of vacation during a 2 weeks elective this elective will be for 3 weeks done.